The Koehler Company has a team of approximately one hundred employees. Our corporation enjoys excellent financial health. Our annual sales are in excess of $15,ooo,ooo.oo and our bonding capacity is twice that amount. Composed of a General Contracting division and an Architectural Millwork division, these divisions work together to provide superior custom service for our clients.  Our Mill works as an independent supplier for many other general contractors as well as our projects in addition to filling specialty orders.
      The Koehler Company was started by Charles Koehler as "Koehler Mill and Cabinet Shop" in 1954. The company has grown and expanded because of the help of some good friends, bankers, and clients. It has always been important to satisfy our clients so they become good friends.
      The Koehler Company has been in the General Contracting business since 1970.  We have built churches, schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, police stations, manufacturing facilities and business workplaces.  Commercial work as described usually contracts between the $100,000 and $13,000,000 levels. While the majority of work is subcontracted out, areas such as concrete, carpentry, millwork and cabinet work are performed by our own forces.
      The Koehler Company has also been in the Residential construction business since 1972. We have established ourselves as builders of large luxury homes. This usually includes homes in the $1,000,000 to $8,000,000 range. Our work area encompasses the South Texas area, specifically the San Antonio - Austin area. We specialize and take pride in meeting the owner's needs and giving the owner the HIGHEST QUALITY work for their dollar.

Our Commitment to Quality

Being chosen for a job represents a special commitment to 
craftsmanship for the staff of the Koehler Company.

The Koehler Vision

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